Who We Serve

INDIVIDUALs and families

Phīla offers a suite of services that include defining values to meeting facilitations for high-net-worth/high-profile individuals who are looking to make significant impact with their giving.


COrporations and small businesses

We can guide the development of in-house philanthropic programs for employees. While every client presents a unique set of needs, there are some things you can always expect: confidential, ethical and impartial advice.


At Phīla, we work with attorneys and trustees to disseminate charitable estates according to donor wishes.  We will also perform executor services.



Phīla is able to consult and advise on your foundation’s strategy, impact, and overall grant management. Our deep networks offer thoughtful connections, networks and partnering opportunities to enhance your effectiveness.



"WE DID IT. With your guidance and knowledge I feel so happy with our decisions. We can make a difference with the Trust’s generosity—their work and spirit will live on! I truly value your expertise and friendship throughout this process."

— C. Wilson, Executor of a charitable estate


"Thank you so much for helping us make progress on our philanthropy and legacy planning business.  You are a rock star!"

— Jon D. Jones, CEO Brighton Jones