For Professional Advisors

Phīla Engaged Giving recognizes the power of partnership. We work closely with estate planning attorneys and financial advisors to serve families who wish to deepen their philanthropic commitments. Phīla offers strategic advice that is integrated into their overall estate and financial planning once these objectives have been articulated. Our aim is to add value to your services by bringing an additional level of expertise to your high- and ultra-high-net-worth clients.

Phīla Engaged Giving does not seek to advise clients on philanthropy as it relates to taxes or estate planning. Rather, our sole agenda is to help its clients achieve the greatest possible personal satisfaction from philanthropy. According to Indiana University’s Lilly Family School of Philanthropy, over $78 billion is currently sitting idle in untapped donor-advised funds. Thousands of Americans want to make a difference with their philanthropy, but are at a loss how to begin. This is where Phīla adds value and makes philanthropy meaningful for your clients.

By adding Phīla Engaged Giving to your firm’s portfolio of services, you can create the optimal solution for achieving your clients’ financial and philanthropic goals. To learn how Phīla Engaged Giving can best serve you and your clients, please contact us.