What We Do

Individuals, families and foundations

  • Set clear intentions around your giving based on your values

  • Review and select the best charitable structures that suit your giving style and long-term goals

  • Identify issues and organizations that align with your vision

  • Document your philanthropic legacy for future generations

  • Connect you with others who can help you achieve your goals (e.g., peers, staff hires, professional advisors)

  • Provide on-going learning opportunities to keep you well-informed and accountable to your own goals

  • Assess your impact

Corporate Giving and Employee Engagement

  • Determine your company’s commitment to giving and service

  • Create the mechanisms to have a “culture of giving” throughout the company

  • Develop programs around giving, volunteerism and employee engagement to reinforce company values

Personal Representative Services

  • Serve as Executor of your charitable estate

  • Work with your team of financial and legal advisors as necessary to ensure your legacy is secured

How We Work

  • We work for you. We are paid only by you. We do not represent non-profits, financial advisors, attorneys, insurance agents or CPAs. We do not sell products or hold funds.

  • Based on the Scope of Work, your fee is based on a retainer schedule that is mutually agreeable and paid in advance of the work.

  • Getting to know you and what you wish to accomplish and why are our strong suits. We know the tools and techniques to get it done. And when we don’t, we scout the best talent to work with us. 

  • You decide how much you can or should give. We do not judge. We are here to help you evolve into philanthropy at a pace and style that is best suited to you.

  • You will engage in a thoughtful exploration of why you are embarking on this journey. It delves into family history and values, attitudes about money, and your interests, aspirations and concerns.

  • You will receive a personalized Giving Plan that will serve as your family’s guide to giving—complete with mission statement, focus areas, estate planning instructions (if desired) and a plan for future giving.


Give with Clarity and Confidence

Our process will help you move from reactionary giving to purposeful giving. We may work together for several months or several years. Regardless, our aim is to create an army of thoughtful philanthropists dedicated to making the world a better place humility, clarity, and compassion.

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