To give is to love.

Phīla Engaged Giving works with individuals, families, estates, foundations and businesses interested in leaving a philanthropic legacy. Our goal is to help you understand the issues that move you, learn from experts on the ground who are doing the work, and make meaningful contributions to organizations that best align with your interests. 

“I have found that among its other benefits, giving liberates the soul of the giver. The giver is as enriched as is the recipient, and that intangible but very real psychic force of good in the world is increased.”

Maya Angelou


We ask the big questions.

Embarking on any philanthropic journey requires a clear understanding of the motivations behind it and the outcomes one hopes to achieve. A thoughtful exploratory process is the key to having a strong foundation from which to begin.  



do you give?

are you embarking on this journey now?


kind of world do you envision?

will it take to accomplish your goals?

are your values and beliefs?


do you want to make an impact/leave a legacy?

else can you be involved in your causes beyond giving money?

will you know if you're successful?

From here, our work together begins.